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Latest Networking and Informative events


At the Concrete & Corrosion Consultancy Practice we have been very hectic promoting and developing networking and informative events in the last few months.

From the annual Bridges exhibition in Birmingham to seminars around the country, we have been travelling and networking with different professionals in the industry. And now we are looking into  next seasons free CPD seminars in Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

We believe that establishing relations with your customers and the people you work with is key in achieving great results for both parties.

In April, we went up to Birmingham to exhibit in the Bridges 2013 Conference, in which we met some of our current and future clients.  It was a very informative event and we truly enjoyed being there.

Bridges 2013

Bridges 2013

This below, is a picture of our free of charge CPD Seminar on the Inspection, Diagnostic Testing and Reporting on Buildings and Structures, which we hosted in Birmingham, on the 11th of April, the day after the Bridges Conference. The attendees were coming from different companies, and some of them were present in the conference as well, it was good to see them again.


We have been posting about this seminar on our blog, but for those who haven’t read them, we covered the following topics:

The Inspection, Diagnostic Testing and Reporting on Buildings & Structures

(Michael Nugent, The Concrete & Corrosion Consultancy Practice Ltd)

The Application of Specialist Concrete Repair and Protection Systems + BS EN 1504

(Jonathan Thurlbeck , Remmers UK Limited)

Methods of Cathodic Protection to Reinforced Concrete.

(Nigel Davidson, CPT)

Following the Seminar, we got a very satisfactory feedback and we proceeded to give the CPD certificates requested. We would like to thank once again the attendees for their participation and the staff of The Signing Tree, who were always very helpful and kind.

We had a very nice day and we are really looking forward for our next CPD seminars both in-house or in convenient venues around the UK.

Next seminars will be hosted in Manchester in September and in London in November. If you would like to get further information or to book your place, please contact us at marina.jmunoz@concorr.co.uk or via telephone at 012 2745 2200.

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The Concrete & Corrosion Consultancy in Yangon, Myanmar


Yangon, Myanmar

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a Major Project in Yangon, Myanmar (ex Burma). Our teams are already set-up on site and carrying out The phase 1 Investigations.

The project is the conversion of The ex-Burma Railway Co Headquarters building which was  built by the British during the Colonial Period in the early 1900’s. The building is to be converted into a luxury hotel, and it is part of a huge prestigious regeneration program for the centre of Yangon.

Detailed condition surveying, investigations, diagnostic testing and reporting forms the phase 1. Works with technically correct remedial measure specifications and technical Q.A and conformity Management forming our phase 2 and 3 works.

We believe, having spoken to the UK Trade and Industry Department that we are the 1st UK Practice to work in Myanmar since the changes.

This is a very exciting project for us and is the latest overseas project secured in the Middle East and Asia.

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