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Inspection and Diagnostic testing at Capita

A road-trip for the Concorr team today, as Managing Director Michael Nugent presented to engineers and associates at Capita in East Grinstead.

Michael spoke about the importance of conducting regular inspections on structures and what the primary causes of stress to concrete are. Cracks in concrete can result in carbonation and eventually the corrosion of load bearing steel beams. It is important that engineers and building administrators employ the services of corrosion inspectors to spot damage in concrete before it becomes a problem.

As-well as discussing the technical side of testing, Michael spoke about the legal aspect of concrete corrosion, outlining the EN 1504 phase plan which is the legislation covering diagnostics. Michael himself was a contributor to the enactment, allowing him to give detailed information to the engineers.

Many thanks to all those at Capita who attended and we look forward to our next trip to sunny Sussex!

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