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Latest Series of Meetings & Presentations in Rome

Managing Director, Michael Nugent has this week been in Rome at meetings and presentations as part of his involvement with The United Nations UNESCO Technical Team.

This is the latest of a series of meetings of the Technical Committee whose remit is to evaluate the effects of both natural and conflict disasters on buildings (hospitals etc) and infrastructure in predominantly third World Countries, but now evolving to other regions such as the Middle East and Europe.

A visit was also made to the remote regions, 90 miles from Rome to view the ongoing rebuild of the regions affected by the 2016 earthquake.

Some 2,000 people were displaced at the time of the earthquake and over 290 sadly lost their lives.

Italy’s earthquake institute, INGV, a world leader in seismic events said the focus of the earthquake was at Accumoli and Amatrice.

Much was learned from the visit and discussions, which will assist in the groups work over the coming 3 years, whose ultimate and simple goal is to evaluate, educate and saves lives in the future.

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