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Working with The United Nations

Managing Director, Michael Nugent has recently attended the first of a series of meetings with UNESCO in Paris.

This is part of a collaboration, which involves The UN, UNESCO and other leading Worldwide Partners including Concorr.

Unesco 1

The team, made up of specialists from around the world and under The Disaster Risk Reduction Unit will be, over coming years, looking at all aspects of the built environment in terms of natural and conflict disaster management of structures.  This will include codes of practice, standards, workmanship quality, failure investigation and appraisal as well as remedial strategies.

 The aim is to eventually establish worldwide guidelines whether a disaster has occurred in California or Tokyo.

Unesco flagAt present in the early stages, this team and its objectives present challenges that are exciting and extremely rewarding to make regions of the world safe when disaster occurs.

 Look for more updates on this exciting work.


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Should Due Diligence Extend to the Buildings, Enabling 3rd World Country Workers have to Work?

Recently there have been a number of building collapses around the world. Sadly, many peCollapsed Bldgople have lost their lives – The Factory in Dhaka being an example.

There has been raising concerns in the Western World news and press about Asia’s working conditions, low pay, and child labour exploitation in their factories. Factories that supply High Street brands to UK retailers.

What Can We Do?

Multi-National and International companies have shown commitment to improving the conditions of the workers in Asia, workers that are    employed  to manufacture High Street goods. This is possible through partnership and by monitoring the buildings.

Collapsed Bldg 2

We at Concrete and Corrosion Consultancy Practice Ltd are promoting that all buildings and structures, where people work, should have ‘Basic Health Checks‘.

This as part of companies due diligence checks on supplies wherever in the world they may be.

Inspection and reporting on a factory in India, Thailand  or Bangladesh could save lives.  To find out more about this incredibly important step forward contact our Practice

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